Practical Examples in Baden-Württemberg

The innovative enterprises of Baden-Württemberg’s economy contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Bioeconomy Strategy with their ideas and products. On this page, we will take a look at some of Baden-Württemberg’s innovative examples already at work in the field. 

Fibers365 GmbH:

CO2-neutral fibers and biobased polymers from annual plants
Annual plants can be used like wood to produce fibers or chemicals. This process requires investment in large scale plants, high amounts of energy and creates residual material streams contaminated with chemicals. Technical, operational, and economic challenges have limited the production of annual plant-based fibers, until now.

The steam explosion process offers a chemical-free alternative. Heating under steam and high pressure is followed by a sudden decompression, making lignocellulosic material available for later process steps. Fibers365 GmbH processes regionally cultivated annual plants with their “steam explosion” technology to produce fibers from straw and cellulose containing annual plants. The concept consists of a combination of modular “steam fiber units” with biogas plants. Residual materials after fiber extraction are used as substrate for energy production in the biogas plant and therefore provide the energy for the fiber production. A resulting liquid phase can be used as a substrate for biorefineries, fermentative processes, and biofactories. The innovation involves the technical concept and construction, which allows for decentralized steam explosion plants in agricultural areas and in the vicinity of biogas plants. Regional biomass that may otherwise be overlooked can be made into transportable biobased raw materials for industrial purposes.
Winner of the Bioökonomie-Innovationspreis 2022 of the state of Baden-Württemberg.


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