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What is Bioeconomy?

The secure provision of healthy foodstuffs for a growing global population while simultaneously developing further renewable and recyclable raw material sources for material and energy uses and upholding necessary protections for primary resources such as water, air, and soil, as well as promoting biodiversity requires innovative approaches that take the entire process into account.
These challenges demand economic thinking and acting to promote a regeneration-oriented and circular economy modeled after nature. The knowledge-based bioeconomy offers solutions for these challenges and can simultaneously strengthen the international competitiveness of Baden-Württemberg.
To achieve this, and to ensure that these approaches are developed, and consequently used more often in the future, the role of information, dialogue, qualification, and education play an essential role as action areas of the Sustainable Bioeconomy Strategy.

Definition of bioeconomy from the Sustainable Bioeconomy Strategy

Definition and Understanding of the Bioeconomy

The knowledge-based bioeconomy concerns the production and use of foodstuffs, materials, and energy. Sustainability, resource efficiency, and circular economy are the important principles of the bioeconomy.

Cup plant

Practical examples

In this section, we will present innovative enterprises and research approaches from Baden-Württemberg.

Qualification and Training

Consulting, Education and Training

Educational opportunities and informational resources are available here.

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