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ERDF funding program "Bioeconomy Bio-Ab-Cycling": Five modular biorefineries receive EU and Baden-Württemberg state funding

Minister of the Environment Thekla Walker MdL: "We are funding innovative bioeconomy projects in the state of Baden-Württemberg which enable us to recover important raw materials from waste and wastewater with more than 19 million euros"...more


Recycling of CO2 deriving from industrial processes into new raw materials using biological and hybrid technologies

Feasibility study shows potentials and concepts for industrial sectors in Baden-Württemberg...more


New Informational Resource Regarding the Bioeconomy Strategy of the State at

Minister of Agriculture Peter Hauk MdL: “With the Sustainable Bioeconomy Strategy, Baden-Württemberg positions itself as a leading region to set standards in this future-oriented field. Minister of the Environment Thekla Walker MdL: “As a highly developed area for industry and technology, we want to show that climate protection and a successful economy belong together.”... more

Bales of straw

Cellulose from Straw: Minister Hauk Visits First of its Kind Production Plant in Mannheim

Minister Hauk MdL: “This plant is an important cornerstone and a great flagship project of the bioeconomy and thus climate protection in Baden-Württemberg.” Cellulose from Straw: Minister Hauk Visits First of its Kind Production Plant in Mannheim... more

Scrabble tiles

Second Call for the "Bioökonomie Innovations- und Investitionsprogramm für den Ländlichen Raum (BIPL BW)"

(EN: Bioeconomy Innovation and Investment Program for Rural Development)
Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “Our bioeconomy funding program sets incentives for future-capable investments and drives the development of a climate neutral economy onward.” The second call for the Bioökonomie Innovations- und Investitionsprogramm für den Ländlichen Raum (BIPL BW)... more


Bioeconomy Funding Program Making a Difference

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “Our bioeconomy funding program provides incentives for forward-looking investments from enterprises and drives the development of a climate-neutral economy in Baden-Württemberg.” ... more


"Ideenwettbewerb Bioökonomie" furnished with a total of 50,000 Euro

(EN: Bioeconomy Idea Competition)
Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “Through our Ideenwettbewerb (EN: Idea Competition), we intend to give more prominence to the bioeconomy in the state. We’re seeking market-capable innovations from Baden-Württemberg.“ ... more

Push Pins Network

New Funding Program „Netzwerkinitiativen zur Weiterentwicklung der Leitregion Nachhaltige Bioökonomie Baden-Württemberg"

(EN: Network Initiatives for the Development of Baden-Württemberg as a Leading Region of Sustainable Bioeconomy)
Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “By supporting network initiatives with funding, we support cross-sectoral networking, education, and communication concerning the topic bioeconomy”… more

Sustainable Bioeconomy Council graphic

Second Meeting of the Sustainable Bioeconomy Council Baden-Württemberg

The two chairs of the council, Prof. Iris Lewandowski and Dr. Markus Wolperdinger underlined the role of the state in today’s session: “Baden-Württemberg is excellently positioned for the development of a sustainable bioeconomy.” more


New Bioeconomy Innovation and Investment Program: 35 Million Euro funding in the frame of "Zukunftsland – Stärker aus der Krise”

(EN: Land of the Future - Stronger out of the Crisis)
Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “The bioeconomy will, in the coming years, be one of the most important drivers of innovation – with our new funding programs we will support enterprises entering this important field of the future.” ... more

Funding program for resource efficiency

Funding Program for Resource Efficiency Leads to Investment of 1.2 Billion Euro in 2020

Minister of the Environment Franz Untersteller: “The balance sheet of L-Bank’s resource efficiency programs proves that climate protection is an effective economic policy.” … more


Ministry of the Environment Provides 22 Million for New EFRE-Funding Program for the Extraction of Raw Materials from Waste and Wastewater

Minister Franz Untersteller: “With this we can conserve our natural livelihoods and simultaneously strengthen the economy in times of crisis.” … more

Wastewater treatment plant

Guideline Published “Energy Management at Wastewater Treatment Plants”

Minister of the Environment Franz Untersteller: “There is significant potential to increase energy efficiency in the wastewater treatment industry. These guidelines show it can be done.” …more

Footprints made of leaves

New Funding Program Aims to Bring Bioeconomical Research Approaches into Practice

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “This new funding program aims to bring bioeconomical research approaches into practice.” 20 promising approaches enter their first phase.

Agriculture and Green Deal

Discussion Meeting Agriculture and Green Deal – Momentum out of BW

The European Commission’s Biodiversity Strategy 2030 sets ambitious goals aiming to protect nature in Europe… more

Innovation prize bioeconomy

Winner of the First Bioeconomy "Innovationspreises" Baden-Württemberg

(EN: Innovation Award)
“The bioeconomy puts biological, digital, technical, and socioeconomic innovations to responsible use…” more

Sewage sludge

6th "Phosphor-Kongress" Baden-Württemberg

(EN: Phosphorus Congress)
Minister of the Environment Franz Untersteller: “We must reorganize the disposal of sewage sludge in the state to conserve resources and protect the climate.” … more

Bioeconomy council

Constitutive Meeting of the State’s Sustainable Bioeconomy Council

“With the development of the interdepartmental ‘Sustainable Bioeconomy Strategy,’ the state government sets the framework for a sustainable…” more

Technology Funding

Fifteenth Selection Round of the Technology Funding Program ‚Spitze auf dem Landt! Technologieführer für Baden-Württemberg‘ Completed

(EN: At the Forefront! - Leader in Technology for Baden-Württemberg)
“Baden-Württemberg is a leading region for business in Europe and most of them are small...” more

Handful of soil

“EIP-AGRI Knowledge Transfer” Event

“EIP-AGRI is a big success in Baden-Württemberg. With these funding measures, we can jumpstart innovation processes and the search for solutions…” more


9th "Kongress zu Ressourceneffizienz und Kreislaufwirtschaft des Landes Baden-Württemberg" on the 7th and 8th of October 2020

(EN: Congress of Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy)
For the first time ever, the Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy Congress is being held digitally… more

Sewage sludge

New Pilot Plant for the Extraction of Phosphorus from Sewage Sludge in Südbaden

Minister of the Environment Franz Untersteller: “The new plant combines energy transition with circular economy. This concept is future-oriented.” …more

Minister of Agriculture Hauk

Minister of Agriculture Peter Hauk Visits Innovative Fiber Extraction Plant at Energiepark Hahnennest

It’s not only during the time of Corona that the societal importance of our farmers becomes clear. Our farmers… more

Photovoltaic cells

Minister of Agriculture Hauk visits Agro-Photovoltaic Pilot Plant at the Demeter Farm Community Heggelbach

“Valuable agricultural areas should remain as preserved as possible for agricultural production, because the secure provision…” more

Bioenergy village Hesselbronn

Inauguration of Bioenergy Village Hesselbronn and Visit to the EIP Project Agriplus in Füßbach

The state government pursues the goal of successful energy transition and to systematically and efficiently increase the percentage of renewable energy… more


Ideenwettbewerb “Bioökonomie – Innovationen für den Ländlichen Raum” Intends to Recognize Pioneers in the Field of Bioeconomy

(EN: Idea Competition "Bioeconomy Innovations for the Rural Space")
“The bioeconomy has great potential to set up a future-oriented economy, in the…” more

Photovoltaic cells

Germany-Wide, Baden-Württemberg’s Enterprises Lead Investments into Climate Protection

Minister of the Environment Franz Untersteller: “Our enterprises invest in the future – that is the result of our policies, the economy, and ecology combined.” …more

Broadleaf tree in field of grain

Baden-Württemberg Funds Innovative Bioeconomy Projects with Six Million Euro

“As the state government, we pursue the goal of making Baden-Württemberg’s economy climate neutral, of creating new economic sectors, and attractive and future-proofed…” more

Biological structure of algae

Sustainable Development through Bioeconomy

Bioeconomy is environmental protection, climate protection, and biodiversity protection all in one. With biologically innovative concepts, it is possible to extract recyclable raw materials, reduce greenhouse gas emissions… more

Minister President and Minister

Sustainable Bioeconomy for Baden-Württemberg

The state government’s Sustainable Bioeconomy Strategy Baden-Württemberg provides the framework for the sustainable development of a biobased economy. The Strategy should help to tap renewable or recyclable raw materials, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and strengthen biodiversity.  more

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