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Press releases

TLH Pilotanlage

Technikum Laubholz: Ribbon-Cutting at the Pilot Plant that Produces Beechwood-based Textile Fibers

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: „Our wood has potential beyond today's applications if we take the opportunity - not just for rural value creation but also for climate protection"... more

Spitze auf dem Land Neue Auswahlrunde 2023

Funding Line ‚Spitze auf dem Land!‘ Starts Another Selection Phase / Applications Accepted Until the 31st of August

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: „With the funding line ‚Spitze auf dem Land‘, we support the innovative ideas of small and mid-sized rural businesses that strengthen the technological position of the state" ... mehr

Neue Biogasstrategie 2023

Council of Ministers Get the New Biogas Strategy Underway

Minister President Winfried Kretschmann: The continued development of the Biogas Strategy is important for the future of energy production in Baden-Württemberg... more

1. Laubholztage BW

Opening of the First Laubholztage Baden-Württemberg in Eislingen/Fils

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: „The Technikum Laubholz in Göppingen is a lighthouse of biobased circular economy made in Baden-Württemberg“... mehr


‚Experience Bioeconomy Exhibit‘ at the Bundesgartenschau in Mannheim

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: „The implementation of renewable materials in construction is the key to achieving our climate goals."... mehr


Funding Call "Netzwerkinitiativen zur Weiterentwicklung der Leitregion Nachhaltige Bioökonomie Baden-Württemberg"

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: „Innovation networks for the utilization of plant-based fibers in the construction and textiles industries further strengthen the potential of the bioeconomy."...more

Landschaft ReBioBW

ReBioBW Project Researches the Bioeconomic Potential of Agricultural Sidestreams

Residues have potential beyond just being left on the field. Changing course and using these materials economically allows for more intelligent management of limited resources... more


"Ideenwettbewerb Bioökonomie" 2023 Begins

With this competition, the state is seeking entrepreneurs with cutting edge ideas in the bioeconomy. The focus is not just on the development of a product or process, but includes services or business models as well... more

Spitze auf dem Land

"Spitze auf dem Land!" Opens a New Selection Round: Deadline for Applications 28.02.2023

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: „The state supports innovative projects from small and mid-sized companies in rural areas with the 'Spitze auf dem Land' program." ...mehr

Bioökonomie Baden-Württemberg

Sustainable Bioeconomy Council Presents Position Paper

As the first period of appointment comes to a close, the Sustainable Bioeconomy Council presents its recommendations for the chances of the circular bioeconomy in Baden-Württemberg... more


State Bioeconomy Strategy to be Updated

The successful "Sustainable Bioeconomy Strategy Baden-Württemberg" will be updated. This strategy contributes to the protection of natural resources, biodiversity, and the climate and gives innovations the chance to emerge. Baden-Württemberg stands as an example of a biobased and circularly-oriented economy... more

Innovation in BW

Research Plant for Biobased Materials and Products Established

Lenningen is the site of the new 'Steam-Explosion research plant', as well as other pilot plants for natural fiber processing... more

Ventilating Fan Employee

End of the 19th Selection Round of the Technology Funding Program "Spitze auf dem Land! Technologieführer für Baden-Württemberg"

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: „The state government supports highly innovative companies in rural areas with 3.3 million Euro. The funding program ‘Spitze auf dem Land’ strengthens Baden-Württemberg’s position as a technological leader.“… more

Beratungsmodule - Klimaschutz, Tierwohl, Bioökonomie

New Consulting Modules Regarding Climate Protection, Animal Welfare, and Bioeconomy

New consulting modules formed within the framework of a new funding period of the Common Agricultural Policy... more

Innovationspreis 2022

Minister Peter Hauk Recognizes Five Winners of the "Ideenwettbewerbs Bioökonomie" 2022

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: "The bioeconomy offers solutions for the global challenges of the 21st century. The winners of the Innovationspreis show off the range of the bioeconomy."... more

Bioeconomy Partners Platform

Bioeconomy Partners Platform

Minister of Agriculture Peter Hauk MdL: "The 'Akteursplattform Bioökonomie' is another building block in the informational foundation for the Sustainable Bioeconomy Strategy."... more

4th Bioeconomy Congress

4th Bioeconomy Congress in Stuttgart: Potentials and Perspectives of the Circular Bioeconomy for a Climate Neutral Future Opens

Minister of Agriculture Peter Hauk MdL: "Baden-Württemberg, with the Sustainable Bioeconomy Strategy, Contributes to the Goals of the European Green Deal and Value Creation in the State."... more


State Secretary Sabine Kurtz MdL Visits Two Field Trials for the Production of Hemp and Lavender

State Secretary Sabine Kurtz MdL: "The bioeconomy in Baden-Württemberg displays the diversity of ways plants may be utilized as well as the potential of biobased materials."... more


Minister Hauk Visits the "Deutsche Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung" in Denkendorf

Minister Peter Hauk: “The 'Deutsche Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung' is a part of Baden-Württemberg‘s backbone developing bioeconomical innovations to protect the climate.”… more

Lighthouse projects along the Tauberbahn

Funding Programs Keep the Ball Rolling for Sustainable Value Creation: Train Tour Reveals Rural Range in the Region

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “Lighthouse projects along the Tauberbahn line underscore the strength of our rural areas in Baden-Württemberg.”… more

Biogas Dederer

Biogas Plant Owners are Valued Partners, Prepared to Do Their Part Producing Gas and Energy

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “Our priorities now are timely solutions – biogas plant owners are valued partners who are prepared to do their part producing gas and energy.” … more

MLR Coat of Arms

Funding Program “Netzwerkinitiativen zur Weiterentwicklung der Leitregion Nachhaltige Bioökonomie Baden-Württemberg“ Renewed

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: „The bioeconomy contributes to raw material and energy transition and secures the competitiveness of Baden-Württemberg in a climate-neutral future.”… more

BIPL Scrabble

Fourth Funding Call for Bioeconomy Opens / "Innovations- und Investitionsprogramm für den Ländlichen Raum (BIPL BW)"

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: „We plan to invest up to 35 million Euro into the bioeconomy to strengthen regional business against potential crisis and to advance Baden-Württemberg’s position as a leading region of biobased economy.”… more

European Commission Approves ERDF-Program Through 2021-2027

European Commission Approves ERDF-Program Through 2021-2027, One of the First of its Kind in Germany and Europe

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “With this 279 million Euro ERDF funding program, we pointedly invest into the future competitiveness of the state.” The European Commission approves the ERDF-Program of the state for 2021-2027, one of the first of its kind in Germany and Europe… more

Easter package: Bioenergy Continues to Contribute to Energy Transition

Easter Package: Bioenergy Continues to Contribute to Energy Transition

Minister of Agriculture Peter Hauk MdL: “With this Easter package, we have advocated for bioenergy to be able to continue to contribute to societal energy transition.” 1000 biogas plants provide Baden-Württemberg with reliable electricity and heat. The Hop Act has been revised: two million Euro of EU subsidies are available yearly for German hops producing organizations… more

Winfried Kretschmann, Landwirt Hubert Bernhard und Prof. Andreas Bett vor der Agri-Photovoltaikanlage in Kressbronn

Solar Energy and Sun-ripened Apples

Double the harvest from the same field? That’s the goal of photovoltaic plants on agricultural land. Lake Constance is now host to an active pilot plant, that cleverly combines solar energy and sun-ripened apples… more

Nachhaltige Bioökonomie

Out of Academia and Into the Field, from Lab to Land

The Ministry of the Environment is funding two more networks to establish the technologies, processes, and economic cycles of a sustainable bioeconomy … more


Funding Program "Klimaschutz und Wertschöpfung durch Wasserstoff (KWH2)"

Minister of Energy Thekla Walker: “The Russian war of aggression underscores to us with the utmost urgency the importance of establishing a climate-friendly and independent energy supply.” … more


Biological CO2 Recycling – Start of the Cross-sectoral “Innovation Hub CCUBIO” Network

Environment and Climate Protection Minister Thekla Walker: “Advance biological CO2 recycling as a contribution to climate protection and resource security in Baden-Württemberg.” … more

Bioökonomie Thementage

Bioeconomy "Thementage" begin

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “With the bioeconomy research program, we can create new value chains and futures for rural areas.” The Bioeconomy Thementage have begun...more

Innovationspreis Bioökonomie

Ideenwettbewerb Bioökonomie 2022 begins

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “We are counting on the proven innovative power of the state and are searching for courageous enterprises with cutting-edge ideas.”...more


Network Initiatives make Baden-Württemberg the Leading Region for Sustainable Bioeconomy

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “The state supports the establishment of regional bioeconomy networks with a focus on the agricultural, forestry, and food science industries in the Rhein-Neckar metro region and in the Karlsruhe area.”... more


ERDF-Funding Program “Bioeconomy Bio-Ab-Cycling”: Five Modular Biorefineries Receive Funding from EU and the State

Minister of the Environment Thekla Walker: “We have provided 19 million Euro to innovative bioeconomy projects in the state, with which we can reclaim important raw materials from waste and waste water.” … more

Bioökonomie Innovations- und Investitionsprogramm

Third Funding Call for "Bioökonomie Innovations- und Investitionsprogramm (BIPL BW)"

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “We strengthen Baden-Württemberg as a leading bioeconomy region of the EU with 15 million Euro for future-oriented investments.”... more

Ventilator Mitarbeiter

“Spitze auf dem Land!“ Applications for the Upcoming Round of Selections Accepted until 28.02.2022

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “In the upcoming 18th selection round of the funding line 'Spitze auf dem Land!', we will once again encourage targeted innovative projects for rural development.”... more


Funding call „Netzwerkinitiativen zur Weiterentwicklung der Leitregion Nachhaltige Bioökonomie Baden-Württemberg“

Agricultural Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “Four projects spark an education and information initiative of the bioeconomy:” ... more

 6. Bioökonomietag

Sixth Bioeconomy Day: Ideenwettbewerb Bioökonomie: Award Winners Recognized

Minister Peter Hauk MdL: “The circularly oriented bioeconomy is a key to combining climate and resource protection with new business models, to rethink the economy.” ... more

CO2 Recycling CCUBIO

Recycling CO2 from Industrial Processes into New Raw Materials using Biological and Hybrid Technology

Feasibility studies show potentials and concepts for branches of industry in Baden-Württemberg...more

Bioeconomy BW logo

New Informational Resource Regarding the Bioeconomy Strategy of the State

Minister of the Environment Thekla Walker: “We want to show, that as a highly developed industry and technology region, climate protection and a successful economy belong together.” … more


New Informational Resource Regarding the Bioeconomy Strategy of the State at

Minister of Agriculture Peter Hauk MdL: “With the Sustainable Bioeconomy Strategy, Baden-Württemberg positions itself as a leading region to set standards in this future-oriented field. Minister of the Environment Thekla Walker MdL: “As a highly developed area for industry and technology, we want to show that climate protection and a successful economy belong together.”... more

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