Funding Programs

The Ministry of Food, Rural Areas, and Consumer Protection (MLR) and the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection, and the Energy Sector (UM) have launched funding programs concerning various topics and for a variety of target audiences in the realm of bioeconomy.

BIPL - Innovation&Invest
  • next Deadline Q1 / 2022 (in preparation)

Bioökonomie Innovations- und Investitionsprogram für den Ländlichen Raum (BIPL-BW)

(EN: Bioeconomy Innovation and Investment Program for Rural Development)
Objective: Under two funding lines, the Ministry of Food, Rural Areas, and Consumer Protection will support enterprises while they achieve their sustainable and innovative potential. R&D as well as investment projects are encouraged, particularly the construction of innovative production lines through investment grants. These measures shall achieve effective contributions to Baden-Württemberg’s sustainability and climate protection goals as well as ecological modernization of the economy, especially in the field of rural development.
Target Audiences: Small and medium-sized enterprises, or large enterprises as partners in combination with universities and research institutions, and associations.

Logo Innovationspreis
  • Deadline: September 15th 2021

Ideenwettbewerb Bioökonomie 2021

(EN: Bioeconomy Idea Competition 2021)
Objective: The state of Baden-Württemberg would like to use the opportunity presented by this competition to support trailblazers and seek out innovations that, within the framework of the Sustainable Bioeconomy Strategy, make a demonstrable contribution to one or more of the following goals: Development of renewable or recyclable raw material sources, promoting biodiversity, increasing value creation in rural areas.
The winner will receive 10,000 Euro, awarded by Minister Peter Hauk MdL at the 6th Bioökonomietag (Bioeconomy Day) on November 18th, 2021.
Target Audiences: People, enterprises, institutions, local public authorities, or associations from Baden-Württemberg

Network Push Pins
  • Deadline: August 30th 2021


Objective: The new funding program ‘Netzwerkinitiativen zur Weiterentwicklung der Leitregion Nachhaltige Bioökonomie Baden-Württemberg’ (Network initiatives for the development of Baden-Württemberg as a leading region of sustainable bioeconomy) supports topic-specific network initiatives that want to contribute to the implementation and continuing development of the circular economy of Baden-Württemberg. It shall support the dissemination and use of knowledge concerning the cultivation and utilization of resources from regional agricultural and forestry industries and enable the transition of the economy.

Footprints made of leaves
  • DEADLINE: July 1st 2021

Nachhaltige Bioökonomie als Innovationsmotor für den Ländlichen Raum

(EN: Sustainable Bioeconomy as a Driver of Innovation for Rural Development)
Objective: The Ministry of Food, Rural Areas, and Consumer Protection promotes applied research and development in the following focus areas: the efficient and sustainable production and provision of regional biomass, consumer-oriented product and process innovations along the food value chain, intelligent raw material and material flow management, new materials from wood, lignocellulosic crops and agricultural side streams as well as innovative concepts for the continued development of biogas plants.
Target Audiences: Universities and non-university-based research institutions as partners in combination with commercial industries such as societies, associations, civic cooperatives, non-governmental organizations.

Ressourceneffiziente Technologien ReTech-BW – Start of the call for entries
  • DEADLINE: MAY 31st 2021

Ressourceneffiziente Technologien (ReTech)

(EN: Resource Efficient Technologies)
Objective: The Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection, and the Energy Sector promotes measures that increase the resource and energy efficiency of production companies, improve the acquisition and supply of raw materials, and conserve natural resources. This process should support especially commendable and innovative solutions that lead to significant increases in efficiency.
Target Audiences: Enterprises of all sizes with a seat in Baden-Württemberg.


Bioeconomy funding programme - Biorefineries for the recovery of raw materials from waste and wastewater: "Bio-Ab-Cycling"

The Baden-Württemberg Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector, together with the EU Commission, is funding the construction and implementation of five modular biorefineries as part of the ERDF funding programme "Bio-Economy Bio-Ab-Cycling".

In a sustainable bioeconomy, wastewater and waste treatment plants become important suppliers of raw materials. The aim is to obtain raw materials for products from waste and wastewater, which are then returned to the economic cycle and put to economic use.

Spitze auf dem Land! Technologieführer
  • DEADLINE: AUGUST 31st 2021

Spitze auf dem Land! - Technologieführer (ELR)

Objective: “Spitze auf dem Land!” (At the Forefront! – Leader in Technology) aligns itself toward innovation-oriented enterprises that have the potential to contribute to the technology leadership of Baden-Württemberg. There is a special focus on future-oriented enterprises that are advancing innovations for a circularly oriented economy or are in the realm of bioeconomy.
Target Audiences: Small and medium-sized enterprises in rural municipalities according to the Regional Development Plan (Landesentwicklungsplan) Baden-Württemberg.

Gewinner des Wettbewerbs „Klimaschutz mit System“
  • DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 15th 2021

Klimaschutz mit System - Investition und Bewusstseinsbildung (KMS)

(EN: Climate Protection with System Investment and Raising Awareness (KMS))
Objective: Many municipalities, cities, and counties as well as enterprises in Baden-Württemberg are committed to climate protection. The Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection, and the Energy Sector supports municipalities and counties that aim to contribute to climate protection on a systematic basis. That means the program promotes the implementation of municipal climate protection projects based on existing municipal climate protection concepts or based on the European Energy Award (EEA).
Target Audiences: Municipalities, cities, counties, administrative unions, local public enterprises.

Wettbewerb RegioWIN: Wettbewerb zur zukunftsfähigen Regionalentwicklung

RegioWIN Competition (EFRE)

Objective: RegioWIN aligns itself with actors from local public authorities, economy, and science in the regions and anyone that feels responsible for or is involved in the development of their area.

More Information

Other funding opportunities for practice-oriented bioeconomical approaches via open-topic funding programs are available through participating ministries.
To the funding programs of the Ministry of Food, Rural Areas, and Consumer Protection (MLR):

Förderungen im ländlichen Raum
Fördermaßnahmen für Waldbesitzer
To the funding programs of the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection, and the Energy Sector (UM):

Förderungen im Bereich Ressourceneffizienz und Umwelttechnik

Other national or European bioeconomy funding programs:

Förderdatenbank auf Bioö
Förderdatenbank der BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Ausschreibungen und Förderungen der Umwelttechnik BW
Biobased Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU) (English)
Förderprogramm Nachwachsende Rohstoffe der FNR


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